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Why Indigo8 employees value teamwork

At the heart of every successful business there’s one common element: teamwork. The positive impact of employees who work together and communicate effectively is invaluable – teamwork promotes a healthier work environment where staff are more productive and achieve better results.

Teamwork is one of eight company values that inspire the crew at Indigo8 Corporate Services – our values shape our culture and help us to be our best. This got us thinking about how our staff view collaboration within the workplace, so we asked some of them: “What does teamwork mean to you?” This is what they said:

Deena, Human Resources Manager: “If we didn’t work together and communicate effectively, we wouldn’t achieve a lot. The Indigo8 Corporate Services’ team know how to pull together, so we can reach our goals and our clients’ objectives.”

Annette, Communications Manager: “For me, teamwork is all about digging deep, trying your best, and using your strengths to get the best outcome together.”

Divya, Assistant Accountant: “As a team, it’s important to have a clear vision of the goal and how you will set out to achieve it. This is crucial and helps avoid any unnecessary duplication and gives all members direction of what they need to do to get the job done.”

Stacey, Legal and Compliance Manager: “Teamwork is connecting and working with others for a common goal and outcome. It means supporting each other, the business and our clients cohesively.”

Jay, Desktop Publisher: “For me, teamwork is all about having a common goal with a group of people and working in harmony to make it happen.”

If your company needs some help improving productivity in the workplace, contact the team at Indigo8 Corporate Services. We have a whole host of services that may be a good fit for your business.

To learn more about how we could work with your brand call us on +61 2 9058 7900 or email


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