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Software development

Born from our vast experience in processing customer acquisition for the direct sales industry, our team has developed bespoke systems and software to streamline the processes required to manage and fulfil the needs of the industry. Due to the diversity of clients and campaigns, our systems are equally different and can be applied to nearly any sector.


AVI8: Our app can be customised in branding, data collection and automated welcome emails summarising customer commitment and any terms, conditions or other materials. The app is Level 1 PCI DSS certified and an online portal allows you to view your acquisition numbers as they happen.

Momentum: An online tool allows companies to manage personal information, sales acquisition and reject reconciliation, commission payments and deductions, recipient created invoicing and automated email reporting to your sales team. A recruitment module can be added to organise applicant emails, by sorting, rating, tracking contact with applicants, booking first, second, third appointments or interviews and sending automated bespoke emails at any stage you require. Reporting allows analysis of results-based on the recruiter, the advertisements themselves and the process.

Zone8: Our online territory management system contains demographics and data on all Australian postcodes, to assist in targeting your campaign efforts. The system has a request, approval and alert system, to ensure adequate rest and rotation of territory.

Alloc8: Our online vetting and ID badge system allows for accurate, efficient and secure vetting of potential sales personnel and identification badge creation.

Particip8: Our easy-to-use online assessment platform allows you to create assessments quickly and easily in three simple steps: create, assign, analyse.

Bespoke system and software: if we don’t have it – we can build it!

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