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3 simple tips to boost your brand over Christmas

It’s no surprise that Christmas is the prime season for businesses to boost their brands and of course sales. And with the silly season quickly approaching, being prepared is the best way to succeed in a competitive market. If you need some ideas to make your brand shine during this busy time, the team at Indigo8 Corporate Services have collated their top tips right here.

1. Is it on their wish list?

Think about the goods and services your business offers and how they may be useful to your audience during the Christmas holidays. Will they make great gifts or, perhaps they’ll come in handy over the break?

Once you have figured this out, you can start creating your marketing strategy, so you can engage existing customers, reach out to former customers or branch out to new markets.

2. Spread the Christmas cheer

You want to make the greatest impact to get the best results from your Christmas campaign, so you’re going to need to inform your audience about your offer. So, what are the best ways to reach your customers? You’ll need to understand which channels they access of course! Is social media a part of your company’s plan or are more traditional marketing methods such as newsletters and emails the best avenues to talk to your customers? Do your research so you can make an informed choice.

3. All the bells and whistles

Christmas is an incredibly competitive time of the year, so your brand is going to need to stand out from the rest. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a calendar of holiday-themed social media messages ready to post over the holiday period. If you need a hand with this, we have a creative team here at Indigo8 who can get you ready for the holidays.

  • Think about a special promotion to entice your customers to transact. Think free shipping or a bonus item or service when they make a purchase.

  • Jazz up your website and make sure your Christmas operating hours are up to date and you have all of your holiday-themed messaging published on the site.

  • If your business is customer-facing and you want to widen your market and reach your audience directly, have you considered pop-up retail stands? It’s a great way to sell and promote your brand face to face in spaces such as shopping centres, airports, special events and boutique venues. This is something the team at Indigo8 can assist you with – we know a few things about handling casual mall bookings.

Capitalising on one of the biggest celebrations of the year is a smart move for companies, but if you want to reach your goals and sales targets get organised, think about the best communication channels to get your business’s messages heard and create a strategy so you can get ahead of your competition.

Indigo8 Corporate Services is dedicated to supporting other companies with all of the behind-the-scenes operations essential to every business. To learn more about how we could work with your brand call us on +61 2 9058 7900 or email


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