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Why excellent customer service is central to our business

It’s a fact that 73% of customers remain loyal to brands they like because of friendly customer service representatives. It’s also true that 93% of consumers are more likely to make a repeat purchase with brands that deliver exceptional service! This is why excellent service is a must in any business – it really does pay to exceed your customers’ expectations.

This is a huge focus within our company – the team at Indigo8 Corporate Services aims to create a positive experience for all of our clients and it’s also a service we offer to their businesses or causes. We have a dedicated boutique call centre right here in Australia, with a team of customer service professionals who make and receive calls on behalf of our clients’ brands.

“We work with our clients one on one to ensure we represent their brands exactly how they want us to. That’s why it’s extremely important that our team is knowledgeable about what they do. We regularly make contact with our clients to ensure we are on point and they’re happy with the level of service we are delivering,” Call Centre Manager Kurtis Kendall says.

From welcome and verification calls to retention, sales and inbound calls, our team is trained and qualified to create personalised customer experiences for our clients’ businesses.

“We find that most of the customers or donors we contact on behalf of our clients really appreciate the call. It shows that the businesses or charities they have engaged with care about their experiences and are grateful for their support,” Kurtis says.

So, if your business or cause is looking to outsource customer service, talk to the team at Indigo8 Corporate Services. We are dedicated to supporting other companies with all of the behind-the-scenes operations essential to every business.

To learn more about how we could work with your brand call us on +61 2 9058 7900 or


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