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Trade secrets to boost your brand on social media

Tips from Indigo8's Communication Manager to boost your brand on social media.

If you’re looking to improve your business’s visibility online or perhaps you’re curious about adding social media to your brand’s digital strategy, then read on! Indigo8’s Communications Manager Annette Micallef has compiled some of her insider tips to help you enhance your brand’s social media presence.

P is for planning

You don’t need to have a huge budget to boost your business on social media, but you do need to have a plan. Whether it’s your goal to acquire more leads or boost brand awareness, start by identifying your company’s objectives and then create a strategy so you can achieve them.

There are lots of moving parts in a social media strategy (think research, audience segmentation, content, social media channels, timelines and optimisation). Not only will you need to plan each of these elements, but you will also need to consider how they integrate with other marketing activities your company is doing. Get this balance right and you’re on your way to clear and consistent communication about your brand online.

Choose the right networks

More is not always better, and this is particularly true for a social media strategy. While it might seem like a good idea to spread your business’s messages across numerous platforms, unless those channels are a good fit for your brand, then you should avoid posting just for the sake of it.

So, how do you decide which channels will work in your brand’s favour? Firstly, consider where your audience is likely to be – is Facebook a place where your audience frequently visits or is Instagram a better fit?

If you’re not sure, do your research. According to this Roy Morgan report, Facebook is the most widely used platform across a range of generations while YouTube is the leading online community for young Aussies aged 14-27 years of age.

Create valuable content

What makes someone follow a brand on social media? Great content that is relevant to your audience is one factor that can grow your social following and boost your brand’s online presence.

When it comes time to curating content for your brand’s social media calendar, make sure every piece has a purpose. Be creative and design material that adds value or enhances your brand experience – perfect for retaining followers and attracting new fans!

So, if you’re ready to bring your brand to life using social media, start by creating a strong plan that identifies your objectives, don’t over-post on multiple channels but do select ones that will get your messages seen, and finally create content that adds value, so you can retain your followers and attract new ones.

If content curation isn’t your thing or perhaps you do not have the time to manage your brand’s social media marketing, speak with the team at Indigo8 Corporate Services. We are dedicated to supporting other companies with all of the behind-the-scenes operations essential to every business.

To learn more about how we could work with your brand call us on +61 2 9058 7900 or email


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