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Q&A: “What music do you listen to while you work?”

It’s a fact that people who listen to music while they work are more productive! Scientists say that listening to music you enjoy releases a chemical called dopamine which helps transmits signals in the brain, thus making you more productive. This fact got us thinking about the Indigo8 team – there are a few people who like to listen to tunes during the workday, so we asked some of them: “What music do you listen to while you work?”

Naomi, Operations Administrator: “It really depends on my mood and the task I am working on at the time. Anything from country and rock to pop sounds good to me!”

Annette, Communications Manager: “Because I spend a lot of my working day writing or proof-reading documents, I need to focus, so I choose music that is mostly non-vocal. Electronic Focus and Deep Focus are two awesome playlists on Spotify that I often bop away to while working!”

Mhari, Events Coordinator: “Everything! It all depends on my mood.”

Hannah, Operations Administrator: “If I am doing data entry then I like to listen to podcasts including murder mysteries and movie game shows.”

Kyle, Relationships Manager: “Queen, because it’s catchy and I know the words to their songs.”

Ashleigh, Bookings Administrator: “I am a Spotify fan and love listening to dance and chilled playlists while I work.”

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