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Indigo8 Corporate Services takes part in healthy workplace program

The Indigo8 team is participating in the Get Healthy at Work program

This week, Indigo8 Corporate Services announced that it will participate in the Get Healthy at Work Program – a NSW Government initiative which aims to promote healthier and happier employees, motivating them to be their best.

Human Resources Manager Deena said: “Because we work in an office environment, we spend most of our day sitting at a desk – so, we’re encouraging staff to choose healthier habits and increase physical activity during the working day as well as outside of office hours.

“The health and well-being of our employees is an absolute priority, not only because it significantly impacts their lives, but their health also has an effect on productivity and performance in the workplace.”

Hosting stand-up or walking meetings, offering staff flexible working hours to exercise, providing stand-up work stations, hosting education sessions, providing access to a free employee assistance program, and fresh fruit every week are just some of the ways the company will assist employees.

Indigo8 Corporate Services is dedicated to supporting other companies with all of the behind-the-scenes operations essential to every business. To learn more about how we could work with your brand call us on +61 2 9058 7900 or email


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